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BAO Chauffeurs provides a Chauffeur Executive Service tailor made to meet the travel needs of each client. Business meetings, roadshows, delegates and airports transfers, weddings and special occasions, we are available to take you there. Quality, Safety and Punctuality are our watchword and we aspire to exceed our clients expectations time and time again.

Tips on Choosing a Chauffeur Service

The Need for ChauffeuringPosted by Tunde @ BAO Chauffeurs Wed, June 08, 2011 12:16

There are hundreds of companies that provide various chauffeur service in the UK. Many people are unaware of what to look out for or questions to ask when hiring a chauffeur. Below lists the most important criteria for hiring a chauffeur service such as quality of the vehicle, value for money and local knowledge.

1) Local Knowledge

Be sure that the chauffeur company has chauffeurs with extensive local knowledge of your destination. So best to let them have the information before hand and confirm that they know how to get you there. Some cities can be quite difficult to navigate and getting lost can cost you a lot of time and money – especially if you are attending an important meeting or event.

2) Quality of Vehicle

Some chauffeur companies have a fleet of vehicles at their disposal for their clients, whilst some can hire any vehicle on your behalf. Let the company know your preference before hand and the number of passengers that will need the service. Find out about the range of vehicles they have available and if necessary the state of the vehicles – you can use the registration plate as a guide. It can be rather disappointing if you hire a chauffeur and they come to your doorstep in a 6 year old jalopy, so make sure the vehicle fits the occasion!

3) Type of Service

If the chauffeur company specialises in executive chauffeuring do not expect them to be able to provide wedding services. Some companies are able to delivery on a range of services including wedding cars, corporate travel, road shows and more. Some specialise in certain areas only and may not be able to meet your needs. Be sure to ask if they can understand your request as each service needs a chauffeur who is familiar of what the service entails.

4) Great Customer Service

Always make sure you use a company that values its customers, this is important for when things do not go according to plan. You can tell from the response to your initial contact if they value your custom. Ask questions and be clear about what the chauffeur can or cannot do. If they have a website familiarise yourself with what is on offer before you call.

5) Value for Money

The cost of hiring a chauffeur varies a great deal, some charge hourly and some charge per job. If you need a chauffeur for a few hours, it is better to agree an hourly rate rather than a flat rate. You may not be able to calculate the number of hours you intend to spend at the event, so be careful what you agree to.

BAO Chauffeur Service provides chauffeur service for business executives, road shows, weddings, delegate transfers and more. Our ‘we-drive-your-car service’ is very popular amongst clients who love the familiarity of their own car. Our motto is "you relax, we drive" and to date many clients have been relaxing with us. Email us at for more information.

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