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The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

The Need for ChauffeuringPosted by Tunde @ BAO Chauffeurs Fri, February 04, 2011 11:11

You and your Car

Before you step into your car today, you may have asked yourself how is my car doing. If you are like me, you may take pride in a well presented car and always ensure it is kept in optimum condition at all times.

You don't have to wait for the yearly MOT to find out if your car is road worthy. It should be a regular routine for car owners to carry out simple checks on their cars to ensure it is safe to drive.

Regular routine maintenance of your car is an important responsibility for every car owner. It protects you the driver and can prevent nasty surprises such as unusual breakdowns or expensive repair bills.

Invest in a car manual if you don't have one, it can save you numerous visits to the garage. Haynes stock a host of car manuals.

Some Advantages of Regular Maintenance

Avoidance of expensive repairs.

It's safer to drive and can protect your life.

A well maintained car is more efficient making it economical to run.

It last longer - important in this economic climate.

The car will have a better resale value.

Unnecessary wear and tear can be easily repaired and further damage prevented.

Kinder to the environment i.e. less pollution.

Routine Checks for your Car

You should carry out routine checks such as:

Engine oil - change is recommended every 3000-5000 miles

Power steering fluid

Tyre pressure and wear and tear

Automatic transmission fluid

Coolant level and a host of other simple checks.

Garage Services

Regular service of your car at an approved garage is also something you should budget for. Don't wait until something goes wrong with your car and have to book an expensive appointment with your garage. Keep a regular date with your garage for servicing your car and your car will serve you better.

Exterior and Interior

Some cars are grateful for the rain as that is the only time they ever get a wash. Your car says a lot about you, so keep the interior and exterior of your car in good condition.

Be kind to your car and wash it regularly. Wax if possible and catch any corrosion before it increases. The interior of your car should also be kept clean, this is good for your health especially those who have kids - with enough interior rubbish to fill a skip!. A clean interior keeps dust and other pollutants at bay and promotes a healthy environment in your car.

If you can afford it visit a car valeting service regularly or invest in a hand-held portable vacuum cleaner and duster.

Lastly know your car. If you hear an unusual sound or if something doesn't feel right, visit your garage and have it checked out. It might be a sign of a more serious problem and if caught early can reduce the damage and costs.

At BAO Chauffeurs our cars are maintained to a high standard to ensure we provide the best possible service to our clients. Remember on your lazy driving days, we are available to drive your car or one of ours to your destination.

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