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BAO Chauffeurs provides a Chauffeur Executive Service tailor made to meet the travel needs of each client. Business meetings, roadshows, delegates and airports transfers, weddings and special occasions, we are available to take you there. Quality, Safety and Punctuality are our watchword and we aspire to exceed our clients expectations time and time again.

Meetings! Deadlines! Driving!

The Need for ChauffeuringPosted by Tunde @ BAO Chauffeurs Thu, December 02, 2010 22:55

Let’s paint a picture...

Your meeting starts at 11.00am, there is a lot of traffic on the motorway due to an accident that required police attention. Despite the fact that you left home in ample time, you start to perspire as the chances of you getting to the meeting on time slips away. You are attending a meeting that can’t hold without you. You want to create a good impression at the meeting which is been held at the premises of potential clients whose patronage will greatly increase your company’s market share.

You finally reach a stretch of road which is not obstructed by traffic, and then you bear down on the accelerator to gain some time. Your mind wanders as you try to run the proceedings of the meeting through your brain. Suddenly you hear the blast of a horn and realise you had veered off your lane. Thankfully you recover quickly and stay on course as you hope for no more traffic build up on the way. If only you had enough time for some breakfast and a cup of coffee to steady your nerves!

As the clock ticks towards the meeting time, you realise that there is some information about the potential client you need to study, as this is crucial to clinching the deal. You thought you will have enough time to do this when you get to the given address, but there is now no time for that. You finally reach your destination and find out that there are no parking spaces...10.50am and you are still in your car searching desperately for a car park space.

Now you wish you had hired BAO Chauffeur to get you to your destination on time!

Not only won’t you be perspiring so much, you will also have enough time to enjoy breakfast, prepare for the meeting and compose yourself without having to worry about acceleration and deceleration at every traffic light.

A chauffeur driven car is not a luxury, it is a necessity for those who have other important things to consider and do. BAO Chauffeurs can drive your car or a hired car to any given destination within the UK. Our experienced drivers always stay ahead of traffic news which allows us to navigate the shortest but safest route to your destination.

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